What if the path you choose becomes a road
The ground you take becomes a home
The wind is high, but the pressure's off
I'll send the rain wherever we end up

Amanda Cook - The Voyage

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Aflame Ministries

Our focus is to reach villages through the love and power of God. We do this through Gospel campaigns and door to door ministry. Planting churches in villages and raising up leaders from the local communities who loves the Word and the Holy Spirit.

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We continue to post products that are for sale on our Facebook page, so please feel free to follow us. All proceeds go towards our missionary fund and enables us to go further and reach more villages.

Here I am – to share the ‘Pockets of Beauty’ I find on our journey.

Wife to a fantastic, brown-eyed, God loving, solid-as-a-rock kinda husband.  We have been married for 16 absolutely beautiful years, and for all of it he has been a strong and steady safe place for me to grow and become the woman God has called me to be.

Our family has grown over the last 9 years as we were joined by three starry eyed little humans: First a little boy – A warrior.  And 5 years later a little girl – A song of God. And most recently, another little boy - A tree planted by peaceful waters.

We serve in missions.  We reach out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We educate our kids at home.  We sing.  We laugh.  We love.

I will be sharing some of our adventures, ups and downs, lessons learned, heartbreaks, happy songs and life stories on these pages – And I pray that you will find joy and inspiration somewhere in between all the words that will be poured from my heart. Here we go…