Here we go

It is time.  Our boxes are packed, Brown Eyes has finished his last day at work, we have said our many goodbyes and we are waiting for the moving truck to pull up and empty our *very full* little house. 

Looking around me this morning, I almost can’t believe how we managed to fit everything in this cozy little home.  This house has been a place of much healing for us.  We have experienced excruciating heart ache while living here.  I so easily recall the nights after I came home from hospital after having the first miscarriage.  I remember thinking that taking the next breath was more than I could handle.  I remember the intensity of the tears I cried.  Tears that came from a place deeper than my own heart.  I remember how Brown Eyes held me that night. I remember that this is where I learned to sing, to share my songs, to worship.

I remember that this is where Brown Eyes received healing after his father’s death.  Through friendship and prayer and the Father’s love he became whole again.  He trusted again.  He believed again.

I remember that this is where my little warrior learned to pray.  Where he learned to wage war.  This is where he became a big brother.  Where he learned responsibility for his little Song. 

This is where God’s Song brought healing to all of us.  In the form of our little Song that sweeps through the house, dancing and laughing.  Also in the form of many hours spent in prayer and worship, with friends.

I am also reminded this morning that not only is my house overflowing, but my heart is as well.  My heart is overflowing with years of happy, beautiful memories.  My heart is overflowing with love for the people who made this place home.  And that is why I am happy to be sad.  I am happy to cry every night as we say goodbye to our dearest friends.  Because this heart ache means that we are loved dearly, and that we ourselves love deeply.
Goodbye my friends, we love you more than you understand, with a love that is beyond distance and time.  Goodbye Cape Town, we enjoyed you fully.  Goodbye little house, you knit us closely together and gave us a platform for many friendships and tears and joy.  Goodbye Table Mountain, today or tomorrow I will blow you a kiss, and I will treasure this journey, everything in this journey, forever.

So here we go.  Healed.  Restored.  Made whole.  Trained.  Equipped.  Loved.  Deeply loved.

We are about to dive in to another Pocket of Beauty.

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