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Instead of sending out a newsletter for the month of April, I have decided to share a new post on the Pockets of Beauty blog with some of the news from  the last few weeks (and months).  Hope you enjoy!

Sneak peek of some of the prints we will be using for our products

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We had the great privilege of visiting the Garden Route recently, and seeing our family and friends did our hearts well! We ended the 2 week break with a celebration in the forest when my sister and her knight got married.  It was the most special weekend filled with love, family and JOY!

We are back in the Eastern Cape with refreshed hearts, minds and spirits and so excited about the BIG things that are happening! As many of you know, Aflame ministries bought a piece of land in the Transkei and we are so excited to have the opportunity to spend more time (longer periods at a time) in the village where we currently have our Sunday meetings.  We are beyond grateful for the team that volunteered to come all the way from Cape Town to fix our little house, and we are so looking forward to receive them and see our property being prepared for the fruitfulness that will flow from there!

A couple of weeks ago after our Sunday service, our lovely translator asked us to go and pray for a mama on the other side of the village – she was sick, and couldn’t walk to come to church.  We arrived at her house unannounced and the look on her face was so priceless – She was given a pamflet of aflame ministries a while back, and recognized Henk from that photo.  She couldn’t believe we had come.  Just a couple of weeks before that, Aflame ministries together with a Cape Town missions team was running a crusade in the village, and this mama had sent out children to the road to call the team to pray for her.  The Team was too far away to see or hear the kids and the mama was passed by.  But this time we came.  She was healed that afternoon, and she spent the rest of the week walking from house to house with her bible, testifying of how Jesus healed her (she couldn’t walk to even her neighbours house for almost a year), and praying for everyone she visited.  That following Sunday she walked to church to attend the meeting.  This is ONE woman, being touched by Jesus, and being a living testimony, one that cannot be denied, to all around her! Hallelujah!

Please continue to trust with us for a missions vehicle for our family – The Transkei roads and terrain is rough and transporting our whole family with luggage and equipment has become a necessity as we will need to all be together for the longer periods that we spend there.  If you feel in your heart that you would like to make a contribution towards this expense please find our banking details on the Pockets of Beauty website and use the reference “Gift – Transport”.

In more personal news, our little Song has just turned 2 years old! We celebrated her birthday with our family while we were visiting, and shortly after her birthday she got to spend some special time with her GREAT grandpa as he came down for my sisters wedding – such a blessing indeed!

Our little warrior is doing so well in homeschooling – he has joined a ball skills soccer/cricket class which he loves!  With all the sewing that has been happening in our house, he has asked me to teach him, and for the first time ever I have some understanding of what it must have been like for my dad when he taught me how to drive… My nerves were shot the first few times and all I could say was “Slowly! Slow down! Careful!”, but he is getting the hang of it and I am looking forward to MANY fun projects with him!
Thank you to everyone that follows our story – Thank you for your support in prayer, in communication, and in finance.  I realize that in giving to us financially you don’t necessarily always see the specific fruit of what you sow into our lives, but I cannot testify enough about the times that we stood facing some payment that had to be paid, or some expense that had to be made, and the Lord has stirred your hearts (countless times) at exactly the right moment – Bank notifications have arrived at the most incredible moments (such as standing in line at the till at the grocery store) and always add to the testimony as it enables us to also sow into others lives! So thank you to EVERYONE – Even the nameless ones that choose not to reveal who they are when making contributions, I cannot express our gratitude for your love and support!  At the end of November just as we were about to leave Cape Town, two of our dear friends gave us a rather large Pick n Pay voucher as a gift.  I put it in the back of my wallet, knowing that there would come a ‘right’ time to use it.  And yesterday, when I stood facing long grocery list, I remembered about that voucher, and even though we haven’t seen our friends in 5 months, it felt as if they were walking through Pick n Pay with me, holding my hand, carrying my heart, and feeding my family.  So THANK YOU, you do not know how much your gifts mean to us, but we appreciate it with all our hearts!

All the glory to Jesus for the way He cares, all the glory to Jesus for His plan and provision to reach the remote Transkei villages.  It is BEAUTIFUL to see His plan unfold, it is BEAUTIFUL to see Him weaving the tapestry of our family into the picture He had in His heart for us.  And it is a blessing to share it with you!  All our Love xxx

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