500 Snoods

Two weeks ago we strapped on our brave faces and the whole family headed to the local home affairs office.  Passport applications in hand we stood in queues and lay on chairs and read storybooks and sang songs as the morning went on.  If you haven’t been through the process recently, here is a breakdown of what happens… You hand in your application form and head to the cashier to pay.  Once that is done, you get to sit and wait until your number (which is activated when you pay for your application) is called out over the intercom.  Firstly you get called to the photo booth to have your picture taken, then you get called a second time, this time to a consultant who handles all the paperwork and takes your fingerprints and signature etc.  Brown eyes and I have to be with our two kids through every step as they are still little and the staff require parents to be present all the time.  Not a problem. We’ve got our goodie bag packed with colouring books and snacks and juice, I have the plastic sleeve with all our receipts and paperwork, our little song is strapped into her pram, and little warrior is quietly playing a game on his gaming device.  Everything is going so SMOOTH!  For a moment I felt so proud of myself for being SO organized… so ON TOP of everything.  Finally the first number is called!  Little warrior – No problem! We have the sleeve with the papers, and one of us can just take that and walk up to the photo booth with him, all sorted.  The challenge came literally 2 minutes later when the next number is called… Our song.  Okay, it’s okay.   Brown eyes just reaches over for her paperwork, we leave the pram in the isle and carry the goodie bag with us.  Our hands are a bit full, and it took a minute to find the right receipts but we got it.  While the ladies battled to get the camera at a height that suits our warrior, and the ladies next door battled to get our 2 year old song to sit still and look at the camera I heard them call my number… and then Brown eyes. Uh-oh. It ended up being a back and forth for the next hour getting all four of us at the photo stations and consultants as our numbers were read.  What an adventure!

We were already notified that the kids passports are ready to be collected, so soon soon we will have them all in hand and be ready for our trip!


We will be going to Zimbabwe for the first time ever!  The Aflame team will be visiting Jairos Shelele, our Aflame partner in Zimbabwe.  He has planted two churches there, and we will be visiting them, spending some time with the leaders and having crusades in the surrounding villages in the evenings.  From there we will visit Alfred Jaka in Masvingo where we will be having a conference with their church, and will travel with them for a few days to a few places where they are involved.  We are so excited to be joining this trip as a family!

All our expenses to make this trip happen adds up to about R24 000. We are hosting a fundraiser for the sole purpose of raising funds to support this trip.  Pockets of Beauty will be selling LIMITED edition snoods/infinity scarfs in 3 colours.  These snoods can be ordered via our online shop or facebook page for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! I chose the pink/salmon colour to represent Pockets of Beauty, the green colour to represent Aflame ministries and our BRIGHT and beautiful house in the Transkei, and the stone/grey colour for my friends that prefer neutral colours 😉

So PLEASE order your snood TODAY to support our mission trip and help us to cover the expenses!  We need to sell 500 to cover the total expenses, so buy one in every colour, and then buy a few more for your friends.  Also remember that you do not HAVE to buy a snood to support us, we greatly appreciate donations too!

Spread the word and pray for us while we prepare and pack and pray for our Zimbabwe Pocket of Beauty.



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