Less is More

We have made the brave decision to go on a 6 week detox as a family.  I still don’t even have a very clear definition of what that looks like, but I have a vision of where I want it to go and I am aiming in that general direction with a kid under each arm and a bunch of information in my head and a solid as a rock husband behind me with a kid on his back and we are doing this thing. 

Thing is, I don’t have a lot of answers, I don’t have solutions or ideas or plans for everything we need to change in our life.  But I am becoming aware, more and more, that it’s not about having it all laid out.  If I need to get it all together before I can make changes, I will most probably never make changes.  So I’m starting with SMALL STEPS – You all know how much I love those words.  Small, tiny steps. 

Step number 1:  No screen time for 6 weeks.
Okay, I realise this doesn’t seem so small, but it’s been a long time coming and we seriously needed an intense screen time detox.  More about that another time. So for the next 6 weeks, kids have no screen time at all, except zoom sessions.  Parents have screen time during office hours, for work and communication purposes.  And the rest of the time, we are looking each other in the eye.  We are reading books, real paper books, we are playing with play dough, and have turned all the lego out unto the floor and we are sorting and building all our lego sets.  The kids are playing piano.  We are cooking together. We are doing chores together.  We are doing life. Away from screens.

Step number 2:  Less toxins.
So, I don’t know a whole lot about this yet.  But I’m learning! Suddenly our youngest child is dealing with eczema, and I am trying to navigate meds and treatments that honestly feel like balancing bad and worse.  So I am going with less.  NB – I am not judging, I am not prescribing, I am not recommending… I am making my own decisions for my own child and I have decided to go with less, as far as I can.  Less chemicals, less toxins, less synthetics.  More natural, more pure, more organic. I don’t even know where to start, so today I started with a bottle of natural laundry detergent from a health store.  It’s pretty funny.  Out of everything, I’m buying natural laundry detergent.  Why, you may ask.  Because it’s one less thing that I need navigate.  It’s one more thing crossed off my wishlist for a cleaner, more pure, more natural home. 

So this may be a good time to explain – As you might have noticed, I’m not starting out on a full on detox and staying without a bunch of things for six weeks.  I’m starting out with a  goal, a dream, a wishlist, and I’m working my way towards it in simple small steps.  Making intentional decisions about what I buy, what we eat, what we spend our time on, what words come out of our mouths, what thoughts we are pondering, what we are listening to etc.  Conscious, intentional, well informed decisions.  And it starts with a bottle of laundry detergent. 

Step number 3: Less wasting time.
I’ve put our family back on a schedule.  Everything is worked out and detailed from getting up all the way through to going to bed.  Because I need to be accountable for what we are doing, and how we are doing it.  Today was day one and pretty much the only thing that happened according to schedule was getting up this morning.  But hey! We got up on time. 6 Week vision. Bigger picture.

Step number 4: More connection.
I’ve been repeating how important it is to nourish ourselves body, soul and spirit.  And part of our schedule is committed times for intimacy with the Lord, feeding on His word and praying for each other.  We are nourishing our spirit in that time.  We have committed family time, time for fun and games and lego and mud messes and jokes and deep conversations and heart to heart connection.  My desire is to fill myself and my family up with more of what really matters.  More of what is truly nourishing. 

Less of the bad stuff, more of the good stuff. 

6 weeks of focussing on choosing less toxins, more health – Body, soul and spirit

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  1. Hierdie is wonderlik Marli
    Dit inspireer my, kla my aan en daag my uit om ons lewens en huis ook te detoks en te simpliseer.
    Dankie vir jou xxx

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