Going Green

As a mom and a wife, one always carries the responsibility of feeding the family, and feeding them with healthy foods.  I’ve met moms who absolutely LOVE this task of creatively searching out new meal ideas and calculating nutritional intake and finding exciting ways to get their kids to eat everything we want them to eat for them to be as healthy as they can be!  I’ve also met moms who don’t consider any of these things at all – their kids are fed, they are happy and life goes on.  And I’ve met just about every mother in between… And firstly, let me say this: Mom… there is no judgement from me, to whatever side you find yourself on.  I am also not writing this post to show off, or intimidate, or make you feel like you’re not doing enough.  I’m writing this post because I am the mom that often feels like I’m not doing enough… I’m the mom that sometimes gives my kids cereal for supper, or dry white bread for a snack.  I’m the mom that mostly  sometimes forget to check up on their water intake and when they are asking for water at night when I put them to bed realise that they never had water to drink during the day… yup. And yes, they know where and how to help themselves, but as their mom it is still my responsibility to guide them and make sure they actually do what they know how  to do.  And sometimes I fail miserably.  This post is for the mom that knows she wants to do more, but doesn’t always know how.  The one that doesn’t always know where to start.  And I don’t always know how, and I don’t always know where to start.  But this week I started here, so I am sharing what I started doing, and hopefully it will inspire you or motivate you or cheer you on momma, because we all need a bit of that too, sometimes.

Looking at our lifestyle  and what we often eat, I feel like my family follows a pretty balanced diet (cereal for supper and all).  Sometimes we have ice cream on the beach, and sometimes we go weeks without anything sweet at all.  I don’t have meal plans.  I don’t check nutritional intakes.  But I want to try to know that I am helping our bodies be healthy.  So I decided to make 1 change, and start small.  I’m not removing anything from our diet – we are not cutting our diary, or meat, or sugar.  For this first, small change, I am introducing something healthy as a daily extra.  Something that is easy and quick to prepare, low cost, and refreshing.  I am making smoothies.

I did a tiny little bit of reading, because I want to be informed about my decisions and the actions I take towards my family.  And what I read led me to put together a green smoothie that is jam packed full of good stuff for our bodies.  Here is what I add, and why…

 I start off by pouring 2 cups of water into my blender, and then I add 1,5 cups of greens…  The greens I chose are spinach, celery and parsley.
Spinach because: It is loaded with vitamin K, vitamin A, Manganese, iron, vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium, vitamin C, protein and even omega 3 fats. Sounds like a multivitamin all by itself doesn’t it?
Celery because: It is an excellent source of antioxidants, and our bodies need all the help they can get to get rid of the bad stuff we are exposed to everyday.
Parsley because: Also fantastic antioxidant, but so supportive towards our kidneys and urinary tract system.

This is what it looks like after these ingredients have been blended together, and I know it looks gross, but bare with me – It is a green smoothie afterall…



Next up is fruit!  I add 2 cups of fruit, and I grabbed what I knew would always  be easily available – Apples and bananas.
Apples because: Once again one of my new favourite words – Antioxidants.  But also important for dietery fibre.
Bananas because: Honestly… I like them – I’m sure they have a whole lot of fantastic benefits, but I just love them as a fruit so they are in 😉



The seed food group is something that I always struggle to incorporate into our diet… I know they are healthy and have so many benefits, and they can be sprinkled over salads or baked into rusks, but I just don’t like them that way.  This was an easy fix to my problem.  They get chopped up and I don’t even know that they’re there.
Pumpkin seeds because: They are great for immune support, are high in omega 3, and they are anti-inflammatory!
Sesame seeds because: They are a good source of Iron (who knew?), calcium and magnesium.


As a sweetener I add dates because, well… they are sweet.   They also carry vitamins and minerals but are a good source of energy and fiber so it adds some sweetness to the entire mix, but it’s still a healthy option. And last but certainly not least, I add a spoonful of coconut oil, because: My brain is tired most of the time.  Coconut oil has been researched as having amazing benefits for the brain, and I can testify of experiencing brain fog lift when I started taking in a teaspoon of coconut oil a day.  My memory improved and I was able to think more clearly in a matter of days after I started taking it.  So I wanted to include it for the whole family.













This is really a quick and easy and affordable way to make sure my family gets in a massive amount of vitamins and minerals and fiber each day –  I call it our green milkshake and although our 3 year old song has tasted it twice and still hasn’t decided to jump on board, our 8 year old warrior loves it.  A big role player in choosing these ingredients is how affordable they are.  We go to a local little store that sells fruit and veggies, and we love supporting their fantastic quality and prices.  I would love to someday make these smoothies out of my own garden – but for now, this is what I can do.  And it makes me feel happy.  I may not be the best cook, or even a creative one.  I may not always remember to give my kids water.  I may not be able to afford organic fruit and veg.  I may sometimes give them cereal for supper or dry white bread for a snack.  But this is one small change that I am capable of in this season of our lives.  I would like to do more, as all moms do.  I would like to everything, as most moms do.  But for now, this is the one change I can make.

By the way, to support myself with the water drinking issue – I grabbed these beautiful glass bottles on sale this week.  I fill them with water and some lemon, mint and blueberries, and the novelty of it seems to motivate us all (even the 3 year old) to drink more water. So cheers to that!

To every mom reading this post, let’s be kind to each other – let’s share more, judge less, and all do what we can to care for our families and each other.  Comment on the post if you’ve found some creative and easy ideas to help you care for your family better, I would love to hear about it, and I’m sure other mommies would to.  Because every mom carries Pockets of Beauty, and they might not look the same in all of us, so let’s stand together and let your Beauty shine ❤